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Marble Hill Park Classes

You can start training TODAY!

Set Up

Two-part Zoom Induction with access to private Facebook group for exclusive access to tutorials and the opportunity to post your clips for feedback & critique to set you up for success in Class!


Induction is in 2 parts at 2 hours each. Subsequent Classes are one hour each.
Legal guidelines dictate Class numbers and hence, times.
See Classes page for current timetable.


£315 for 12 hours Initial Instruction payable via BACS in advance.
PAYG / Pre-Pay Sliding Scale for 8 hours post Induction. Discounts available for Combos of Classes with Consults.

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Consultations in-person or via video chat

Hands Face Space Fresh Air Home Visits
Location sessions
and phone calls..!

We can help with everything...

...from helping you choose the right dog or settling your companion into their new home with you...to strategies for long term issues or teaching your old dog new tricks...

Set Up

Home / Location Visit with Hands Face Space Fresh Air;
Or via video call
when all household members who provide care for your dog can be present.


30 mins for skill-specific training void of moderate to severe problems;
up to 3 hrs for problem issues,
pre-ownership and new dog settling whether baby puppy or rescue.


Skill-specifics from £30
Pre-ownership £245
New dog settling £295
Problematic issues £295

Payable via BACS in advance

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Continuity | Affirmation | Relationship | Etiquette

Whether you would like your dog to be looked after for one night, across a long weekend or for a couple of months, we can help with our home from home set up and sensory facilities. We promote balanced interactions and social etiquette in a calm, controlled and fun way.
Our blend of appropriate physical exercise, mental stimulation, active play, emotional bonding and rest, encourages dogs to be a
‘pawsitive influence’ when in each other’s company.
We are also able to support owners by maintaining consistency with house training, handling and core relationship needs.

Set Up

A comprehensive questionnaire determines suitability for a trial assessment. Dogs must be engaged within an ongoing relationship-centred training program.


We collect and return your dog for no additional charge. We will arrange mutually  convenient times and keep you informed
via Whats App ETAs.


From £30 to £120 / 24 hrs in consideration of individual needs.
Payment in advance.
Regular bookings to be paid on 1st of every month for days required that month.

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Billy loves our Sunday morning Classes! Great start to the morning and highlight of the week for both of us! Very helpful training methods and significant progress from the first lesson.

We look forward to Classes every week and highly recommend Reality Dog Training to anyone. Arnie gets very excited when we tell him it's "time to go to school"!

Rachel is a font of knowledge when it comes to training and caring for your dog. We are the proud owners of a well behaved, well mannered Whippet thanks to Rachel and her enduring support!

In a series of Consults Rachel taught us how to train Cookie and help make her a happy, well balanced, brilliant dog! Methods are kind, sensible, easy to apply and really work!

Rachel is a great teacher offering consistent coaching in Classes and while Henry is in her Care. I have no hesitation in recommending Rachel and Reality Dog Training and have done so to friends.

Rachel clearly loves dogs and as a qualified behaviourist, has a huge undertanding and insight of their needs and requirements.  We unreservedly trust Rachel and would recommend her to any dog owner!

I would thoroughly recommend getting Rachel involved even before you have selected your dog. Her wisdom, guidance and reassurance has been incredibly helpful to us.

Rachel looked after Betty & Barney from when they were baby puppies. They have such amazing fun in her Care yet she knows how to keep them on their toes and always comes back with helpful tips.

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