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What is Care? (Currently Unavailable)

Whether you would like your dog to be looked after for one night, across a long weekend or for a couple of months, we can help with our home from home set up and sensory facilities.

We promote balanced interactions and social etiquette in a calm, controlled and fun way. Our blend of appropriate physical exercise, mental stimulation, active play, emotional bonding and rest, encourages dogs to be a ‘pawsitive influence’ when in each other’s company. We are also able to support owners by maintaining consistency with house training, handling and core relationship needs.

Our knowledge, experience and understanding of dogs guarantees they will return home feeling calm and relaxed having had a balanced, stimulating stay, not feeling exhausted due to over-exertion. 

Of significance, is that our expertise isn’t to be confused with rehabilitation services and thorough assessment of dogs determines their suitability to stay with us. We are passionate about working in unison with dog owners to provide the best possible continuity of Care. Therefore, it is vital that responsibility is taken by all parties regarding ongoing consistency, communication and feedback.

To ensure the comfort, safety and well-being of all dogs, as well as personnel, constant monitoring and assessment strategies are in place. If at any time, the temperament or behaviour of a dog gives us cause for concern, we will endeavour to work things through with family contacts even if it is not appropriate for the dog to continue staying with us.

Where is Care?

Dogs live with us as part of our family and accompany us to various meadows and country parks as well as to 4 acres of secure, private woodland in Surrey.

When is Care?

We will arrange mutually convenient times for us to pick-up and drop-off your dog and shall keep you informed of transport schedules via Whats App ETAs.

How is Care Structured?

We start with a stroll....

First, we stroll around the land and explore the sensory garden which is designed such that sight, sound, smell, taste and touch opportunities are forever changing for optimal engagement.

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....then some fun and games

Weather permitting we stay outside for games, training practice, agility and sun bathing or if needed we retire to our cosy converted stables for play and cuddles.  

Lunch and Rest

Rest is next on the agenda followed by a mentally stimulating lunch, then rest again to let the meals go down before we return outside.

A dog having lunch
a dog on a walk as part of training

Support and Training

Family support is provided with house training, vehicle control, loose lead walking, recall, play, tricks, food manners, settling, well-mannered life skills and social etiquette.   

Clean Up Time

We have shower and bathing facilities if needed for any mucky pups and all dogs are groomed before we leave to return dogs between 15:30 - 16:30.

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Transport is within custom cage-fitted vehicles that provide safe, temperature regulated travel.
What is the Cost of Care?
Care Day Only
including transport

Care Day + Night
including transport
How is Payment made for Care?

In advance by the 1st of each month for days required that month:
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33910571 (Barclays)

How do I Arrange Care?
Please complete and return these 2 forms...
If we think your dog will enjoy staying with us and settle well within our group, we will arrange some paid trial days for further assessment. These days need to be when you are home in case your dog needs to be returned to you. The same procedure applies for overnight stays.
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