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What are Classes?

Our teaching is combined with play and the building of an emotional bond between dog and owner. With emphasis on control, (walking nicely on lead, recalling to owner and not jumping up), plus good manners, Classes are centred around the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme and we also incorporate low-level sporting activities. As the name suggests, Reality Dog Training was set up to allow owners to gain and maintain control of their dogs where it matters the most...outside, in real-life situations with all the distractions typically presented.

How are Classes Structured?

Initial Training consists of 10 hours. Following Induction of 2 hours, your 8 hourly Classes can be attended ad-hoc although joining us at every available class is encouraged for greatest possible success. With exception of extreme weather conditions and rugby stadium days, we train during school term times. At the end of the initial pre-paid period, each Follow-On Block consists of 8 hourly Classes paid in advance as a block on a sliding scale or pay-as-you-go on the day.

Are Vaccinations needed for Classes?

Our Inductions are indoors thus suitable even for dogs who may only have had their first vaccination. Classes can only be participated within from one week after second vaccination as are outside although owners of pre-second vaccination dogs are welcome to observe Classes with their dog in arms, free of charge, to benefit from behavioural training tips to practice at home while bridging the vaccination gap. It is highly recommended but not essential that dogs are vaccinated against Kennel Cough.
Why do Classes have Inductions?

This session is to help set you and your dog up for success by providing an understanding of the psychology of how dogs learn, emotional bonding, calming signals, body language and developmental stages including experimental behaviours and elife skills so your canine companion can accompanying you at any time, in any place.

Where are Classes?

Following Induction, Classes will be in Marble Hill Park TW1 2NL between Easter and Christmas. We are located between Orleans Gate and the children's play area, near the Coach House Cafe; what3words : hill.harder.spare If entering via Ferry Gate, River Gate or from the main car park off Richmond Road, please allow for a 5-10 mins walk.
Between New Year and Easter we train indoors.

For Marble Hill Park, car parking is free at weekends and after 16:30 weekdays on Orleans Road beyond the gated entrance to the park as well as Richmond Road. The car park accessed via the main entrance is fee-paying.

When are New Member Inductions & Classes?


14:30 - 16:30

Sunday 22nd May
Sunday 26th June

Topics covered include:
social etiquette
loose lead walking
handling & inspecting
mental stimulation
food manners
household etiquette
resource control
rewards & reprimands


18:00 - 19:00
Bronze & Silver
(New Starters & Graduates)


09:30 - 10:30
Puppy Foundation
(New Puppies)

11:00 - 12:00
(New Juniors / Adults
& PF B Graduates)

12:30 - 13:30
(S / G Graduates)

What is the Cost for Classes?

Initial Training Pre-Pay £335
for NEW members
Induction session of 2 hours plus 8 Classes of 1 hour = 10 hours Training
Follow-On Blocks Pre-Pay Sliding Scale £195 / £155 / £115
for existing members on expiry of initial course
8 Classes of 1 hour = 8 hours Training
Follow-On PAYG £30
for existing members on expiry of initial course
Single paid class = 1 hour of Training
Follow-On Block Gold + Pre-Pay £50
for existing members with KCGCDS Gold award
8 Classes of 1 hour = 8 hours Training
Follow-On Gold + PAYG £7.50
for existing members with KCGCDS Gold award
Single paid class = 1 hour of Training
How is Payment made for a Class?

In advance via transfer to :
Reality Dog Training
33910571 (Barclays)
How do I Enrol for Classes?
Complete and return this registration form* WITH proof of first vaccination WHEN possible PLUS payment. (See below for Class & Consult Combos.)

* save from your browser as a PDF to complete on-screen and email back or print from your browser and scan or mobile-photo to return : rachel@petdogbehaviour.com

What do I need to Bring to Classes?

What if I want a Consultation as well as Classes?

We have a selection of discounted combinations to suit a range of requirements...
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