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What is Coaching?

As an alternative to a dog walker or day care, we can collect your dog, spend quality time with them for 2 hours and bring them home calm, relaxed and satisfied.

Did you know that puppies need to rest for 20 hours a day for optimal development? And that balanced adult dogs will rest for 16 hours a day? So there's no need for your dog, especially a puppy, to be running around all day with other dogs!

Plus, the veterinary recommendation for dynamic exercise for a puppy is 5 minutes per month of age up to twice a day so if your growing dog is encouraged to be on the go for longer than this, repercussions could be early-onset arthritis, slipped discs, rear end weakness and general muscular and skeletal problems.

We promote balanced interactions and social etiquette in a calm, controlled and fun way. Our blend of appropriate physical exercise, mental stimulation, active play, emotional bonding and rest, encourages dogs to be a ‘pawsitive influence’ when in each other’s company.

We are also able to support owners by maintaining consistency with house training, handling and core relationship needs.

Our knowledge, experience and understanding of dogs guarantees they will return home feeling calm and relaxed having had a balanced, stimulating excursion, not feeling exhausted due to over-exertion. 

Of significance, is that our expertise isn’t to be confused with rehabilitation services and thorough assessment of dogs determines their suitability to be Coached by us. We are passionate about working in unison with dog owners to provide the best possible continuity of life. Therefore, it is vital that responsibility is taken by all parties regarding ongoing consistency, communication and feedback.

To ensure the comfort, safety and well-being of all dogs, as well as personnel, constant monitoring and assessment strategies are in place. If at any time, the temperament or behaviour of a dog gives us cause for concern, we will endeavour to work things through with family contacts even if it is not appropriate for the dog to continue Coaching with us.

Where is Coaching?

We serve Twickenham, Whitton, Isleworth, Kew, Richmond, Teddington, Hampton, Sunbury and Shepperton. Dogs will accompany us to various meadows and country parks as well as to secure, private woodland or fields in Surrey.

When is Coaching?

On weekdays we will pick-up and drop-off your dog for an individual 2-hour session and shall keep you informed of transport schedules via Whats App ETAs plus provide daily feedback and advice.

How is Coaching Structured?

We start with household etiquette...

It's really important for relationship that dogs don't whizz out of their crate, jump up at people and barge their way across thresholds and through doorways. This isn't to do with dominance but rather the teaching of politeness...


...then vehicle control

Nobody wants to have their car scratched by a lunging dog or suffer travel with a constantly woofing woofer. We embrace the fact that dogs enjoy vehicle travel and encourage them to settle comfortably and not be heard arriving to the park so as to not be a nuisance to others...

then we walk...

Loose lead walking is a must for all dogs. Some cope better than others with the unnatural use of a lead...after all, dogs have existed for thousands of years without dragging a helpless human behind after them...so we use relationship-centred techniques to teach your dog that arrival to a desired destination involves walking well to get there...

a dog on a walk as part of training
A dog playing with a ball

we play...

The use of toys is so valuable for bonding...better that dogs build a relationship with their hooman through play than a relationship with food, right? Plus, it teaches impulse control and useful commands like "hold" and "drop"...and, it's fun..!

we stroll...

Off-lead exploration is an essential daily activity for dogs. After structured walking, play and training, dogs need to exercise their senses freely to take in their surroundings via sight, sound, smell and touch...yet we want them to recall when we call them too...


we settle...


Social etiquette is all about dogs being able to settle in the presence of anything and everything that's around them. When dogs can do this, it's great...because it means they can be taken everywhere and never be left alone at home!

we engage...

Mental stimulation is far more exhausting than physical exercise. Often, dogs are over exercised physically which leads to musculoskeletal issues in later life. Plus, the more physysical exercise a dog receives, the more is wanted...are there really enough hours in a day?!

A dog having lunch

we bond...


Dogs are social, cognitive creatures. Research has shown that in times of distress dogs will seek out the company of an unknown human rather than that of a familiar dog. So bonding through close contact with facial expression, body language and tone of voice helps cement an everlasting relationship...

we bring home to you a relaxed, content dog...

After a full day at day care dogs arrive home exhausted. But did you know that one dog day = 16 human days? If you were on the go for 16 days, would you be over-tired, irritable and snappy?


...which means you and your dog can enjoy each other's company wherever you are..!


If you work with us, together our continuity can provide the social etiquette and responsiveness of your dog to ensure he or she lives life to the fullest and can be a true companion to you..whever you go..!

Transport is within custom cage-fitted vehicles that provide safe, temperature regulated travel.
What is the Cost of Coaching?
Junior Assistant Instructor
including transport & feedback

Lead Assistant Instructor
including transport & feedback

Principle Instructor
including transport & feedback

How is Payment made for Coaching?

In advance by the 1st of each month for days required that month
Via BACS directly to your Coach.
How do I Arrange Coaching?
Please complete and return these 2 forms along with proof of vaccination to rachel@petdogbehaviour.com
If we think your dog will enjoy spending quality time with us we will arrange some paid trial days for further assessment. These days need to be when you are home in case your dog needs to be returned to you.
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