What are Consultations?

Allowing us to address bespoke issues, advice is given on how to nurture best possible relationships and lay a behavioural foundation on which the training of commands can then be built. It is only fair to point out that some learned behaviours cannot be “fixed”, only managed, so you may always need to exert vigilance and management techniques to reduce risk where appropriate…success will be greatly influenced by a dog’s early-learning experiences.

Where are Consultations?

From your home or on location in accordance with Hands Face Space Fresh Air or remotely via FaceTime, WhatsApp or Zoom when all members of the household can be present.

When are Consultations?

We will liaise with you to arrange a mutually convenient time. Please allow 1 hour for a skill-specific session, approximately 2 hours for pre-ownership advice and between 3 to 4 hours for help with your new dog or problematic issues.

Please be advised the current wait times for Consults is approx. 3 weeks so if you are considering assistance, please get in touch sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

What is the Cost of Consultations?

for potential owner of new puppy or rescue dog (≈ 2 hrs)
If undecided about choice of dog, this session will match lifestyle to needs of different breed types and / or provide advice on how to set a dog up for success before arriving home if already chosen but still with breeder or rescuer 
New / Existing Relationship
for owners of dogs that have been at home for any length of time (≈ 3 hrs)
For recently homed puppies, rescues or dogs with long-term established undesirable reactions, this session will holistically address relationship, behavioural manners, training of obedience, coping strategies and bespoke issues
Skill Specific
for owners of dogs that have been at home for any length of time (≈ 1 hr)
To address a specific life skill void of moderate to severe behavioural needs
How is Payment made for a Consultation?

In advance via transfer to :
Reality Dog Training
33910571 (Barclays)

How do I Schedule a Consultation?

If you have not yet decided what type of dog is best for you, please complete this Pre-Ownership questionnaire and return WITH payment.
If you are waiting to bring your chosen dog home, OR need assistance with one specific skill, please send details via Contact Form PLUS payment.
If your dog is already with you, please complete our Pre-Consult Questionnaire and return WITH payment.

What if I want Classes as well as a Consultation?

We have a selection of discounted bundles to suit a range of requirements...
A destructive dog

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